The Sacred Importance of Your DNA

Your DNA is sacred, personal, and unique. It is coded with specific attributes like body type, behavior patterns, potential diseases, and more! The coding also has information about your spiritual family, where you came from, and why you are here on earth.

The fact is, what science calls “junk DNA” isn’t junk at all. It is actually the very part that contains the spiritual wisdom of the authentic self. They have been able to map the physical DNA thus far. However, they still haven’t found the spiritual coding of DNA.

Your DNA also holds your family karma, it is passed down from your ancestors and you then pass it on to those who come after you. Richard offers a DNA activation to help clear the genetic gene code structure three to five generations forward and three to five generations backward. This gives you the opportunity to clear many things and affects both the past and future.

The physically administered DNA activation opens pathways between the etheric and physical bodies allowing new patterns of light to be replicated into the cells of the physical body.

This activation is more empowering than a healing, although we have observed healing effects take place. This also takes place on the other side of the veil. Those who are next in line incarnating on the earth plane within your lineage have stronger physical bodies and some of their karma cleared, greater perception and increase in mental development.

There are many more benefits to this activation, such as the ability to hold more light in the physical body increasing its vibration. It completes the triple helix within the DNA which in turn strengthens the immune system.

Learn more about DNA activation and clearing ancestral karma in a 1-hour healing session with Richard Leon.


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