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Welcome to Transformative Healing with Richard Leon

In addition to personal one-on-one sessions working directly with Richard, he offers soul readings and healings at Sunlight of the Spirit in Downtown Sacramento every Tuesday.

Receive Transformative Energetic Healing Work:

Shaman Richard Leon’s healing methodologies have a strong foundation in the wisdom teachings of Ancient Egyptian tradition. His gentle expertise guides you compassionately through the journey of clearing karma and soul retrieval so you may begin to feel more authentic — more whole — more like your true self — than you’ve ever experienced before. Clear massive ancestral and past life karma, and break those patterns!

Richard has two decades of experience in a variety of alternative healing paths. He is a certified Massage Practitioner and Reiki I, II, and III Practitioner. He is also a certified practitioner of Ancestral Pathways, Soul-to-Soul Coaching, Soul Evolution Healing System, and Past Life Therapy. Richard’s work leaves you feeling joyful, peaceful, and empowered!

Discover Clarity:

Richard provides practical guidance and soul readings in career, relationship, financial, and health-related areas. Richard has helped countless people overcome issues in their relationships, jobs, emotional well-being, and many other life challenges. His soul readings are accurate and to-the-point. Richard receives his wisdom insights directly from the soul world. He can connect with Ancient Egyptian Gods & Goddesses, ancestors, spirit guides, angels, faeries, and nature beings to communicate what you need to hear to best facilitate your healing and learning. Divination tools may be occasionally used. People from all walks of life are welcome!

Feel Like Yourself Again Through Soul Retrieval:

Through ancient wisdom teachings, a shaman illuminates and burns away the origins of illness. A shaman tracks one’s madness and dysfunction, transmuting the inner darkness, filling the holes with one’s soul, and replacing the personality ego with the authentic self. A shaman purifies the soul, mind, emotion, and body blockages (also known as karma), clearing the root causes of suffering, layer by layer. A shaman empowers one to develop personal sovereignty (inner king and queen) through the practice of forgiveness, stimulating renewal and rejuvenation, and returning one to the joy of living.

Transform Your Health:

Richard’s health & nutrition experience combined with medical intuition and shamanic healing has had excellent results, leading to significant improvement. Richard has helped clients with chronic health conditions, such as diabetes, asthma, and more. (Richard has no formal medical training. Clients are encouraged to consult their health care provider for any medical issues.)

Overcome Challenges with Hypnotherapy:

Experience a guided inner-work practice with hypnotherapy to heal and transform addictions, habits, relationships, health, and much more. Bring more peace and joy to your life through the discovery and release of limiting beliefs operating within you at a subconscious level. Childhood and past-life regression may be part of this inner exploration, as well as working with the soul world, ancestors, and the Divine.

Cleanse and Protect Your Home Energetically:

Healing and protecting the energetic integrity of a client’s environment is absolutely essential to health and well-being. Richard offers powerful environmental healing and protection blessings to clear your space at home or work. Your space will begin to feel much more light and clear. Your environment will be more in alignment with the natural world and the divine. Protection and sealing will be performed to fortify your space from foreign energies.

A Session May Address Any of the Following Conditions:

Emotional Trauma

Childhood Trauma

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

Unhealthy Relationships


Marital Conflict

Destructive Behavior Patterns

Lack of Focus, Direction, or Motivation



Blame, Shame, and Guilt

Extraterrestrial Interference

Alien Implants

Entity Attachments

Haunted Houses

Curses or Spells