Contact Richard Leon at 916-601-3066 or RichardLeon16@gmail.com to schedule a session for healing and clearing the mind, body, and soul.

Healing Sessions with Richard

FREE 15 Minute Consultation

Price for 1 1/2 Hour Session: $200

Each session is typically 1-hour long for and may be followed-up with additional sessions as needed to address your request. The session may include or combine any of the following services.

Shamanic Healing:

  • Karma Clearing and Soul Retrieval with an experienced shaman is an extremely effective way to release negative emotions and other blockages at the root.

Soul Reading:

  • Richard utilizes a soul-mind-body approach to treat clients. He reads the needs of the soul to empower each client’s soul journey according to their own divine blueprint. He is a certified practitioner of Ancestral Pathways, Soul-to-Soul Coaching, Soul Evolution Healing System, and Past Life Therapy. 

Energy Clearing, Blessings, and Protection in any area of your choice:

  • Mend and protect your energy field from energy leakages and entity intrusions. Light will be brought into your system for significant healing and transformation, as appropriate for you.

Chakra Clearing, Aligning, and Balancing:

  • The 7 primary chakras of the body are energy centers where a lot of karma and trauma is stored. Release these blockages to find health and balance again.

Massage Therapy:

  • A 60 minute Swedish massage combined with energy healing creates a powerful and extremely relaxing “soul spa”! Richard is a licensed Massage Practitioner with the ability to soothe the body physically and energetically. Pain, stress, and discomfort can often be significantly reduced and cleared even more effectively when energy healing is included.
  • As a Shaman and medical intuitive, Richard uses his soul senses to read the information contained in your energetic fields and assist in restoring health and balance in your body.
  • Increase your energy, stamina, and vitality.
  • Boost your immune system! Massage helps to clear out congestion in the lymphatic system.
  • Relieve muscle soreness through the release of tension in the soft tissues.
  • Aromatherapy: Richard utilizes Young Living 100% therapeutic-grade essential oils to optimize your refreshing and soothing experience.

Hynotherapy Session:

  • Receive a one-hour hypnotherapy session to overcome addiction, heal old wounds, discover your past lives, or transform bad habits.

Esoteric Artwork:

  • Richard creates custom artwork with spiritual healing benefits!
  • Ask to purchase a set of his Chakra Tablets and work with each of the 7 chakras in your meditative practices.
  • Request a family or self portrait from a photograph be incorporated into an esoteric artwork for a very special gift or placement in your home.

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