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Esoteric Sacred Tablets

Using sacred geometry, spiritual symbolism, and sacred temple work, Richard creates artwork that can clear your energy field, clear blocks, and empower you to initiate change.

The Tablets establish a sacred space of illumination, an aspect of ancient temples that radiate out and change the energy field of the environment. The Tablets utilize the sacred sciences of pre-matter to matter density: “The Gestalt Of Creation Itself”.

The Sacred Tablets utilize your unique blueprint. This is like a thumbprint or signature of your uniqueness & originality. Its illumination is predicated to your soul’s evolution guiding your purpose on earth.

For some, this means finishing their spiritual contracts for this lifetime. The Sacred Tablets also provide acceleration in consciousness.

The illumination Tablets are healing technology that clears and unblocks stuck energy to allow a free flow from the network in your energy field.

  • General Use Sacred Tablets are available for $45.
  • Personalized Sacred Tablets are available for $125.
  • Various Template Uses
    • Clearing your energy field
    • Clearing blocks
    • Self-empowerment
    • Soothing physical ailments
    • Pain management
    • DNA Activation
    • Chakra Realignment (ask Richard about his Set of Chakra Tablets)
  • Sacred Tablets can be created and customized to suit your individual needs.
  • LIFE PURPOSE Sacred Tablet: Hone in on your soul’s divine purpose in this lifetime. 
Example of Richard’s Esoteric Artwork Designed to Relieve Respiratory Issues

Essential Oil Products by JOY CREATORS

We are so excited to offer handmade products made with Young Living 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils. These are thoughtfully designed to assist with reducing physical ailments (such as body pain), improving the immune system, relieving stress, and aligning and balancing the chakra and meridian systems. Each product is empowered with strong healing light by Richard’s beloved wife Amy, a shamanic apprentice and owner of Joy Creators. 

  • Bath Salts
  • Room Sprays
  • Roll-on Oils
  • Salves
  • The Get Well Gift Box comes with everything for $80!

Richard is a wholesale distributor of Young Living essential oils. Single or blended oils and home diffusers are available for online ordering at