Richard’s work is exceedingly powerful, exact, and useful. Over the years he continues to hone and refine his healing talents for the betterment of all life. I have most recently begun working with him on what I thought was a complicated issue – soul association and knowing myself. Richard simplifies this process like a chef makes a recipe just right. He is a professional. Absolutely nothing was left out and yet I received one of the most powerful Pictographs from Richard I’ve ever experienced. I look forward to working with Richard in the future and highly recommend his variety of skills and talents to all who are ready to do the work and are truly looking for the Real Thing.

Emotionally, I feel a heightened level of authenticity – transitioning into a new being, digestive system is re calibrating, food means different things to my body, and I am able to sleep better than ever before, even though I’ve not had sleeping problems, I’m enjoying my sleep hours even more so.

This Egyptian Process/Pictograph is strong and powerful. It feels to me like an evolutionary accelerator and I am very grateful for your work. It starts immediately – it’s just that creative ideas, energy, and productive capacity continues to grow over time.

Much love, Shabbat shalom,
Jet (1 “t”)

DNA Activation:

“My name is Nancy Garcia and I am writing this testimonial so that everyone can take advantage of this energy work called DNA activation. It has been two months since I had this energy work done by Richard and I have experienced great changes in all aspects of my life. Physically I have had lower back pain for twenty years. After the activation it was gone and to this date it still is.   I am so thrilled cause I have tried Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Massage and western Dr and none of them have been able to relieve me from this pain. Mentally I have been able to sort out what type of business I want to pursue for my career. It seems like the activation cleared up the fog or confusion that I have felt about my career choice. I have been much more focused on what and who I want in my life. I do not feel torn between my emotion’s and my head knowing what will make me happy and not following through with it because it will cause waves with other people or situation’s. The activation has positively helped me communicate to the spirit world and that is a great thing cause that is what I do for a living. Also the communication between my husband and I has gotten clear more supportive and playful in general we enjoy each other much more. Richard says the DNA activation effects will keep happening for six months. I cannot wait to see what else is in store for me.” – Nancy Garcia, Spiritual Communicator

Pyramid Activation:

“Hello, my name is Shirley Williams and I first met Richard Leon at the store “Into The Light” weeks before I met him I was in the store and I saw a flyer on pyramid activation’s. The flyer explained the activation process and I felt it could be something that helped me. As soon as I met him I could feel the positive energy in the store. He explained what he was going to do before turning on this beautiful music and starting. Richard began the mini activation on each one of us when it was my turn I could feel this wonderful and so could my chakras because they started closing up and protecting themselves especially my throat chakra. As a protection my chakras stayed closed. I asked Richard if he could help me open them so I could be more open & receptive to all the beautiful experiences in the universe and so far he has succeeded. I am feeling more and am no longer afraid.” – Shirley

“The first part of Richard’s pyramid activation, we were sitting in a chair and closed our eyes to experience what was a light and sound experience. During this time my body became hot especially my legs and my hands. My hands became filled with heavy pleasant energy and my feet got hotter. My fingertips felt like energy was leaping  from one to the other. At one point I felt like someone else’s hands were in my hands. My legs became warm then hot then warm again. There was a strong energy that pressed into my first chakra then moved into the second  then third then into my heart chakra. Then the second half of the experience was a symbol meditation. I followed visualizing the description again. It was a wonderful meditation afterwards each shared their experiences. I saw my Dad in the meditation as I found myself in what has been my personal vision of heaven. I saw him standing on a rock by the water, he was fishing. I looked down from a higher place. He waved to me as he was smiling, his facial expression was of happiness. I said “how you doing” catch anything? At that instant I could feel acceptance and love from my dad. This has great meaning to me”. – Mary

Healing and Energy Clearing:

“Having already suffered a myriad of aches and pains, my 85 year old husband Ted fell and fractured his collar bone. His first broken bone and the doctors could not help. he could not dress himself or sleep in the bed or feed himself or get comfortable because of the pain, and to top it all off a week later he fell again and really damaged himself. Again doctors could not help  not even for relief from the pain . It would take time, Ted was not sure he could stand this additional pain and was thinking it was time to check out. And then fate brought Richard Leon back into our lives. Richard started doing a body scan to determine what was going on as well as other readings. He created a healing chamber for Ted as well as a crystal an Individualized template and music to assist the healing. Within three days Ted was moving around again without pain, sleeping in his bed and wheeling around in his walker. He continues to get better. He has learned so much of his physical and spiritual self from Richard’s unique readings. We would highly recommend Richard Leon to assist in the realms  where medical intervention is not enough.” – Dee Frisby

“I hope this may be of use to you as I have had time now to observe and participate in the energy of my Past, Present, and Future templates you created, and find them invigorating, stimulating, and individually vibrant tools of increased self-improvement, strengthening empowerment, and realized self-confidence. Richard Leon’s Individual Life-Mapping Templates are excellent resources to reference and develop your personal and unique soul languages, source origins, and spirit potentials. They help to thoroughly integrate you as an individual – as a constructive and connected being of the Universe by actively participating in the here and now – to the timeless, ongoing entity you Know your Self to be.” – Jet Nesa Bland, Power Teacher Personal Guide/Polyphasic Liminality

“Hi Richard: Your work has helped me tremendously in my spiritual growth. Your activations and templates have greatly enhanced my psychic gifts as well as my meditations. Your templates blew my socks off when it took me to outer space and beyond as well as release blocks in my life. I can now hold extreme amounts of light and can honestly say that I feel “Super Human”! You’re healings are far different than anyone’s. I always leave your house feeling like Wonder Woman and it gets better and better every time! Thank you for making me a super hero with super powers!” – Michelle Cereca